Monday, October 24, 2011

Two for Tuesday

Back in high school there wasn't much to do. In a way it was like the 1940's where people gathered around the radio and listened to shows. Me & my friends would listen to the radio, for music though. At the time the 'pop' station we listened to had a different segment every night. 'New music Monday', they played a new song. 'Two for Tuesday' they played 2 songs by a certain artist, I believe Wednesday was 'sing for your suggestion',you called in and sang a line from a song, if the DJ liked it he played your request. Can't remember Thursday. I think Friday was 'Friday I'm in love', where you call in and dedicate a song or something. I remember at least once during the program someone would dedicate Ugly kid Joe's song "I hate everything about you". Funny stuff, we tuned in for that mostly, see who was gonna get the 'hate' song.
Anyway, I can't think of Tuesday without thinking "Two for Tuesday". for some reason maybe that was my favorite. Maybe I remember it the most because nothing was going on Tuesdays and I caught that program the most?
So today is a Two for Tuesday! With the release of Evanescence's new self titled album I had to make adjustments to some of my mixed Evanescence CDs I listen to in the car. Neither of these 2 songs are from that CD ( which is good by the way )but I had to add 3 slow songs to my slow songs CD. Since I was re-burning the mix I added 2 other songs that were not on the original slow mix CD. Here are those 2 songs, both covers, both just Amy Lee.
1st comes from the movie Nightmare Before Christmas and the CD "A nightmare Revisited". That CD is kinda cool. Amy covers 'Sally's Song'. On that CD Marilyn Manson does an awesome version of 'This is Halloween'. Here is Amy Lee with Sally's Song

2nd is off the 'Muppets:The green album' titled Halfway down the stairs.

I couldn't remember the song from the muppets so I had to youtube it. Then It came back to me. Here is the original video from the muppets that had this song.