Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rolling in the Park

Yeah I got lazy on this one. Not an old song, not an unknown either. Probably the biggest hit so far this year I think. Wanna hear something crazy? Back in the day artists sold albums by the millions. Since 2004 when they started tracking digital download sales (legally) there have only been 2 albums that have sold over a million "full" album downloads. And one album with a million full CD downloads plus a million actual CD purchases. Sure there are singles that sell in the multi millions, but full albums and CD album purchases.
Eminem's Recovery and Adele's 21. Lady Gaga's Monster will hit that mark soon. Adele is the first and only artist to do both so far. Pretty crazy feet in this age of the digital download era.
Which brings us to this cover. Adele's first single off the new album blew up on the charts and the covers. Its probably been covered by 100's of thousands amatures and has been done by dozens of professional artists.
Linkin Park's front man Chester Bennington pretty much is the only dude to have the pipes necessary to belt out the chorus. They bring it down with just a piano and the vocals. There is another acoustic attempt thats on youtube, but they polish with this one.

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  1. The reason for a drop in sales is now that you can easily put music out digitally, that just put EVERYONE on the same playing field. We no longer have mega super stars, but lots a small stars that are usually unaware of each other. Things like YouTube and stuff give the same access to your song as it does Brittany Spear's songs.
    Technology has leveled the playing field. Making and distributing music is no longer a privilege of the elite, but a tool for the masses. It's finally the way it always should have been.
    P.S. Chester Bennington has one of the best male vocals I've ever heard. He's the only person that I've ever heard that can actually "scream" real notes and then right afterwards go down to soft ballad-like singing. Incredible.