Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cuttin' the Cheese

So its a "2 for 1" on this post. I wanted to post a song by cover artists Richard Cheese, but had a hard time nailing it down to just 1 song, so you got 2.
Richard Cheese is a jazz/swing artist that does only covers I believe, and does them really well. Some of them are downright funny. It is amazing to me how someone can take a song and arrange it into something else completely different.
Our first song for example is a cover of Disturb's song "Down with the sickness".
Sickness is a heavy metal song. Really you can't cover heavy metal songs unless you go in a different direction than the original. Here is the original version,language edited.

And here is Richard Cheese jazzin' it up.

2nd song I couldn't let go is RC's version of Michael Jackson & Paul Mcartney's classic "The Girl is Mine". I know what your thinking, "Thats a duet! Who is Richard going to sing with?" Well he gets a little help from Steven Hawking!
Stole the video from someone who already made a video to go along with the song.

Richard Cheese has several albums of covers, all like this. He's worth checking out.

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