Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I was hoping to at least get in a song a month, oh well, better late then never.
I think I kept putting it off because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. Too many covers out there to choose from. I've been working on a couple 80's cover CDs so I thought about doing that, but which song to choose then too?
Couple days ago my son Ben had been playing with an old phone. This old phone has a music player with some songs on it, mostly to entertain the baby, she likes music already :) Anyway Ben kept playing Beyonce's song Halo over & over. I think because it has the word Halo in it. If you know my boys its all about the video game Halo at my house. Halo is a ring like structure that was used by an ancient alien race to eradicate certain life forms. The game follows future soldiers to defeat a different alien race from controlling the Halo and wiping out the humans. With me?
In Beyonce's song she of course talks about the ring around someones head, indicating righteousness, heavenly or something.
I've heard way too many youtube covers of her song. I do have one in particular I liked, which I will share. A gal by the name of Lotte Kestner did a simple version. Almost too simple, too plain. In listening to the first verse I almost turned it off thinking "boring". But I endured, and was rewarded for it.
It's just her and a slow picking guitar. Like I said the song is pretty basic until she transitions into the chorus. Here she goes into the upper register with a sweet little bravado then just a slight produced melody. From then on she has you captivated in her sweet, little, "boring" rendition and interpretation.
So with the song Halo and the video game Halo I thought I would mix the two and see what we get. Slow sweet song mixed with fast alien fighting action.