Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Anything could happen: Part 2

Here is another "Part 2" version. Same singer, same song just re-arranged, more mellow like.
So Ellie Goulding is a new chick on the scene, pop music. I've grown away from this genre along time ago. Very rarely will I like a "pop" song now days. A few posts ago there was one.
Anyways, when I heard this song I liked it immediately. Very catchy!
When checking it out on youtube I came across this version she did for a radio station. Very close vocally to the original but without all the pop music. Just a little electric piano. Really cool song, really cool version.
I got lazy for this one, just haven't posted in awhile, this one popped out so I chose it, thats it.

If you haven't heard the original by chance here it is too.

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