Monday, November 26, 2012

Want U Back

Not very often you hear the cover before the Original. I guess in this digital/viral age you could see it happen more often.
That's the case here with "I want u back". Originally recorded by British X-factor contestant Cher Lloyd. I guess she's pretty big in the UK? I've actually heard a couple songs now of hers that were recorded. Both covering artist did better than she did on the song. Too early to form an opinion?
She's very produced, has a very thick accent, almost 'May Fair Lady's Elisa' before being fixed by whats his face with the slippers and chocolates.
Anyways, I stumbled (by stumbled meaning I subscribe)on this lovely version of Want U Back by YouTube cover Artists "Boyce Avenue" featuring Hannah Trigwell. Boyce is alot like Tyler Ward, take popular songs and most of the time re-arrange the pop song into a ballad. Boyce and Tyler have even teamed up on a few songs, I think they've toured together also.
I've been loving this song for about a week now, thought I should finally hear the original. So there it was, watched the video, heard the song. Very poppy, very almost rapped kind of pop song. Wasn't impressed. Sure it can be catchy, but mostly because I've heard this fantastic cover and am hearing a little bit of it in my head.
The lyrics fit so much better as a ballad and a duet. This is why I love the 'cover'. you can take a crappy song, re-arrange it and make it great.
Here is Boyce Avenue's version:

And Cher Lloyd's version:

OK after listening to Cher's version a couple times I like it now, crap.

If by chance you want to check out Boyce Avenue's youtube channel, you'll be sorry not to look up his cover of Journey's classic 'Faithfully'. Its good, GOOOOOD.

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