Saturday, April 9, 2011

Part 2

Only into my 3rd post on this new Mog and I'm deviating off course, just by a little bit though. The title of this post is part 2, because I'm posting a song thats not really a cover but part 2 (version 2), I love the way you lie part 2. Rhanna supplied the chorus for one of last year's biggest hits and grammy winning song. Eminem busted out the rhymes. On Rihanna's album Loud she has the full solo song. The one I'm posting is a stripped down piano version, gives more to the song by showing less.
I love it when artists "cover" their own songs, kinda of like doing a part 2 version. Most of the time its an up-tempo song brought to ballad status. Some of my favorites are 3am by Matchbox 20,It's my life by Bon jovi and Beautiful disaster by Kelly Clarkson.
Here is Rihanna with Love The Way You Lie part 2 (piano version). I stole the video from some other dude and added the song and a burning picture of Batman. Not really trying to accompish anything here, just thought it would be cool or something.

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