Tuesday, July 5, 2011

With Every Heartbeat Part 2

Another artist covering their own song in a way, and we call it either acoustic version or Part 2.
Robyn actually came on the music scene back in the early 90's from the UK. You may remember a dance hit called "Show me love". Then she fell off the face of the earth as far as the US is concerned. I know I never really heard from her again...until channel surfing the other night.
So you think you can dance, this couple was in mid routine, doing a creative dance with some stretchy/bouncy fabric attached to eachother, pulling away, coming back, that kinda thing. The dance didn't make me keep it on that show, but rather the song they were dancing too. It went really well with the choreography, made me stop and listen and really look at what was going on. I thought, "what a good song".
So I googled it, found what it was and listened to it. What I heard wasn't the same thing. What I was finding was an upbeat dance song that resembled what I heard.
Googily, googliy, found it. BBC radio broadcast version. Close to or maybe this was the version I heard, so I'll take it.
This is what I love about covers. Taking a song that was produced one way, and doing it another in order to give it a different feel and meaning. I heard this version first, so after hearing the original I think, "that was stupid, why not record it this way and release it, its way better and sounds like it was actually meant to be this more simple and elegant." The lyrics don't sound like they belong in a pop/dance song either. Why do record companies not have enough faith in the ballads? Let them be heard!
Heres Robyn with her own song live BBC radio piano version:

Here is the "original" version release in the UK back in 2008:

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