Friday, August 10, 2012

Psycho Ward

If you don't know who Tyler Ward is, you might want to look him up. I found him a couple years ago in my search for covers. He is a big YouTube cover artist. He does write some original stuff too, mostly mainly known for his covers. He does duets alot, actually more often then not. But I like most of his interpretations of mainstream music. The playlist below I added some of his better stuff. The Eminem cover of 'No Love' is crazy good. His mom and brother help him out on it. You take a curse laced rap and bring it down to a cleaner more mellow rap/ballad, sweet. Again taking an upbeat song like Fun's 'Some Nights' and bringing it down with a duet. Then taking Adele's huge hit 'Someone Like You' which was already a mellow song, dropping it slower and adding a great vocalist to make it a duet. The other songs are just him, Kenny Chesney's country song 'Somewhere with you' and the Fray's 'Never say Never'. Even did a better version covering Demi Lavato's 'Skyscraper'. I subscribe to his youtube channel. Sometimes the covers are 'bleh', but sometimes you get really good gems. *No the picture is not of him. Tyler is a clean cut young man.

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