Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In response to....Bad Romances

If you search on youtube for "Lady Gaga Bad Romance cover" you'll get like 18,500 results. Now I'm gonna be honest. Lady Gaga is a guilty pleasure of mine. Personally do I think she's a freak? YES. Do I like her music? Yes I do.
Bad Romance is so far my favorite song she's done. When it came out (like every song now days) it gets covered by thousands of people. The rare occasion even another famous artist will give you their interpretation of the song. Chris Daughrty did a decent one.
I seriously watched maybe 100 or more Bad Romance covers on youtube last year. Everyone has their favorite, I picked mine. Its by some dude only known as Derek What. He went in a different direction then the pop dance song. Using just a guitar, some keyboard and voice autotune he gives us a slower, darker sound. Made the song his own, wasn't trying to copy anyone or Lady G herself.
I put the song to a stupid video with dudes calling it Rad Bromance. Dont let the video distract from the tune though.
Derek What Bad Romance

Kiley H. likes this one by Jared Leto. Its good too, I do like the use of guitar instead of singing the "romma ma ma..." parts. Which do you like?

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