Friday, May 27, 2011

Born to Express Yourself

This is a cover of a mashup. Now sometimes mashups are considered covers. you can take one song and put it to the music of another, "covering" it per say. Mashups in my opinion are that, 2 or more songs mashed together. Usually mashups are similar songs or have similar music.
We have here 2 songs that are so similar that many accuse Lady Gaga's Born this way of plagerism for Madonna's Express your self. 90% of people would probably agree if you played them side by side. Same cord progression, melodies, just sped up a little and off timed hook exchanges. Madonna doesn't care so people should leave it alone.
Anyways, there are tons and tons of mashups of these two songs. There are even several mashup covers. What we have here is a unique event. Both songs are of the "pop" variety, have different lyrics and different meanings and identities.
What Doll & the Kicks have done is made one song out of two. So they've actually covered 2 songs with one blended song that sounds like one song. If you've never heard Madonna's Express yourself or Lady Gaga's Born this way you couldn't tell this was two different songs.
They have their own video on youtube for this but, I went with a slide show of my "smiley face". I'm expressing the way I was born!

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