Monday, September 19, 2011


Doing a little something different this time around. Still a cover, but a couple instrumental versions.
Kings of Leon's Closer is a fantastic song! It has a sound and feel to it that reminds me of the old days living at home when I'd sit on the floor in my room and listen to music. I had only the glow of the stereo lights, usually the headphones were on, leaning up against the bed. I can't think of the songs it reminds me of, all I know is that it takes me back to that spot for some reason. Or before turning on the dirt road to go home I'd go strait up a different dirt road where you'd climb a little hill and have an overlook of Bridger Valley. I'd go there sometimes, sit on the hood of the truck and blast some tunes.
There's just something about being isolated with just you and a stereo.
Anyway, thats what I get from this song. The mood, the spooky feel, the lyrics just hit a cord somewhere.
There are thousands of covers of this song, some good, alot bad. I found a group 'The piano tribute players' that do nothing but cover songs, by you guessed it-piano.
They did a couple of kings of Leon songs. I loved their version of Closer. Even though there is only one instrument playing you still get the overall feel of the original song, that darker, listening alone mood to it.
Next version of Closer is another instrumental version, but this time acoustically covered. The group is Guitar tribute players, wonder if they are the same people as the piano guys? They use a violin along with guitars and although you don't get the dark/spooky mood I love from the piano and original its still good and has its own qualities. This version makes me think of driving through the desert for some reason, still kinda lonely but different.
I have tons of covers I wanna do, but when I sit and decide which to post I just blank. Or when I'm driving and hear one I think I'll do that, but then forget what it was.
I added the original song by Kings of Leon in case you haven't heard it before, so you get what I mean.

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