Friday, December 30, 2011

Don't think twice its alright

Last cover song of the year, better make it good! We got a little preview for next years release of "chimes of freedom" Bob Dylan's 4 disc tribute. Adele of course contributes her cover of To Make You Feel My Love, which I could post, but we've all heard it before.
I'm going to post a song by an artist I don't really care for. I don't own any of her songs,which she sold alot, but just didn't hit a chord with me. She's a wanna be Lady Gaga I think, kind of a freak, not really a good voice for anything like that either... Until I heard this song...
Bob Dylan's original is of course just him, an acoustic guitar and a harmonica. Kesha's version is even more stripped down, almost acapella. I think the only other music is a low cello in the background. Which leaves room for Kesha to have to carry the song with only her voice. To my suprise she does, and does it greatly. I never knew she could sing, her songs are all pop and heavily produced.
Towards the end of the song its hard to tell, she either is sniffling from a cold or maybe she's emotionally involved and that brings on the tears n sniffles?
Either way sounds great I think. Here you go with Kesha's cover of Bob Dylan's "Dont think twice its all right".

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