Friday, December 9, 2011

I wish I had a River

So, its Christmas cover song time.
Everybody has their favorite Christmas song(s). When you listen to the radio you hear the same thing thats been played for 50+ years. Some people will tell you Nat King Cole's The Christmas song is their favorite, or Bing Crosby's White Christmas, ect...
Me personally, I like the less conventional songs, or the non traditional pieces.
Some of them may include Brandi Carlile's The Heartache Can Wait, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy's cover of Mr. Snow Miser or Ray Charles' That Spirit of Christmas to name a few.
If I had to choose a favorite though I think it would be River by Joni Mitchel. Which I believe I heard somewhere it really wasn't meant to be a Christmas song, but ended up being that way.
There are some good covers out there, there are some mediocre ones out there too.
Here are some of my favorite covers of Joni Mitchel's River:
Rosie Thomas, Amie Mann, Angus Stone and believe it or not Robert Downey Jr. Thats right Ironman himself sang the song on an episode of an Alley Mcbeal TV show. So they put it on a Christmas album.

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